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Romney Starts Presidential Campaign With Fundraising Blitz January 8, 2007

Posted by notapundit in Politics, US News.

BOSTON (AP)–Republican Mitt Romney began his drive for the presidency in earnest on Monday, gathering his national fundraisers in Boston and having them call their network of friends and colleagues in a push to raise the first of an estimated $100 million this year.

The former Massachusetts governor, just four days after leaving office, aimed to establish himself as a credible challenger for the 2008 GOP nomination with a glitzy event far different from the hot-dog-and-soda fundraisers that were a staple of President George W. Bush’s two White House campaigns.

A four-screen projection TV system hung from the center of a ceiling at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, displaying pictures that included Romney in the Oval Office and at the presidential lectern.

Forty fundraising stations – each “pod” with a supervisor and nine callers – filled the floor. Flags from all 50 states encircled the work area, and the activity was broadcast live via the Web site for Romney’s campaign committee. The mood was set with theatrical lighting.

Romney said he was considering running to create “a new American Dream.” He said he feared for the world his grandchildren will inherit, and said the American Dream of a home in the suburbs “just doesn’t cut it.”

He added: “For me the new American Dream we have to build is a dream with strong families, great schools, health care people know that they can afford with and throughout their life, a safe and prosperous nation in which to earn their livelihood.”

While Romney’s committee is still labeled “exploratory,” he and his staff have made it clear they are in the race to win.

The first item on the agenda is securing the necessary funding for what the Federal Election Commission chairman recently said could be the first $1 billion presidential campaign.

In emails sent last week, two of Romney’s sons estimated he would need to raise $100 million to be among the “serious contenders” for the nomination. The stated goal on Monday was $1 million.


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