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Iraq Invites Neighbors To Country’s Security Meeting February 1, 2007

Posted by notapundit in World News.

BAGHDAD (AP)–Iraq has sent invitations to neighboring countries to attend a meeting in Baghdad next month that will mainly discuss the security situation in the country, a Foreign Ministry official said Thursday.

The official said the meeting will be the tenth held by Iraq’s neighbors but the first to take place in the Iraqi capital. The last such meeting was held in July in Iran.

The invitation includes Iraq’s neighbors Jordan, Kuwait, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Syria, he said. Also invited were Egypt, Bahrain, the Arab League, Organization of Islamic Conference and the U.N., the official said.

The U.S. and the Iraqi government have accused Syria of allowing foreign fighters to cross into the country and fight coalition and Iraqi forces. The U.S. also has accused Iran of giving support to Shiite militias.

Both countries deny the charges.

Syrian President Bashar Assad stressed his country’s eagerness to promote Iraq’s security, stability and territorial unity during a meeting with Sheik Harith al-Dhari, head of the powerful Sunni Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq, the official Syrian Arab News Agency reported Thursday.

Last month, the Iraqi government asked neighboring countries not to host meetings that were viewed as interfering in Iraq’s domestic affairs.


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