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Iraqi Violence Leaves 17 Dead In Bomb, Mortar Attacks February 5, 2007

Posted by notapundit in World News.

BAGHDAD (AP)–Violence raked the Iraqi capital Monday as at least 17 people died in bomb and mortar attacks by early afternoon.

A bomb placed in a garbage bin killed at least eight people and wounded 18 in a central Baghdad neighborhood shortly after 1200, police said. Within minutes two other car bombs blew up in quick succession in the south of the city, killing at least seven and wounding 40.

Two other people were killed in the capital when a mortar round slammed into a second central Baghdad neighborhood and a bomb hidden in trash exploded on the city’s east side, police reported.

The bomb in Baghdad’s Sheik Omar district that killed eight, also left 18 wounded, many of them badly burned in a huge fire that broke out, fueled by engine oil being used by auto mechanics in the neighborhood, doctors at nearby al-Kindi Hospital said.

At least seven more civilians died in the twin bombings in south Baghdad’s Sadiyah neighborhood. Forty people were reported wounded in the mainly Sunni Muslim enclave.

The central Baghdad mortar attack wounded six people in addition to the one fatality. In the bombing in east Baghdad, a bomb hidden in trash killed a passer-by and wounded three others. The bomb exploded 10 minutes after a roadside bomb missed its intended target, a police patrol, but wounded two civilians.

In an early morning attack in Mosul, the deputy governor of Nineveh province was wounded along with three bodyguards when their convoy was hit by a roadside bomb, said Hisham al-Hamdani, chief of the provincial security committee. Mosul is 360 kilometers north of Baghdad.

Also in Baghdad, gunmen wearing police uniforms and using police cars attacked an armored truck delivering cash, kidnapped five bank officials and made off with 500 million dinar ($404,642), police said.

The kidnapped bank employees were found handcuffed in the armored truck in eastern Baghdad, police said. The kidnap victims told police 15 men wearing Ministry of Interior Police Commando uniforms and driving three government cars conducted the heist.

On Sunday, an Interior Ministry official said about 1,000 Iraqis – including civilians, security forces and gunmen – had been killed in the last week alone.

Figures tallied by The AP from police and government statements put the death toll from Jan. 28 until Saturday at 911.

That included 137 people killed Saturday in a massive truck bombing in the mostly Shiite Sadriyah market in central Baghdad. The explosion was fifth major bombing in less than a month against Shiite targets in Baghdad and Hillah.

It was also the deadliest in the capital since a string of car bombs and mortars killed at least 215 people in the Shiite district of Sadr City on Nov. 23.


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